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SPS IPC Drives 2014 Exhibition

SPS IPC Drives 2014 exhibition for electric automation and software will be held on the 25-27th of November in Nuremberg, Germany.

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OPC and MES Day: Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0

The highly successful event sponsored and arranged by Prosys together with the Finnish Society of Automation included keynotes from the big players: GE, Softing, MESA & OPC Foundation.

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Prosys OPC UA Web Client

A public demo of our new OPC UA Web Client has been released. This demo release is meant to serve as an example on how developers can take advantage of both the Java EE platform and the Node.js APIs when delivering highly scalable UA clients.

Industrial Internet of Things

Enabling the Industrial Internet

Our knowledge of OPC UA and experience in the field makes us a great partner for industrial corporations that want to take advantage of the industrial internet. For example, our Java based OPC UA software products offer you multiplatform capabilities, making them ideal building blocks of any networked system. Combined with our software development and consulting services, you can make fast progress in this rapidly developing market.

Software Products

Prosys OPC UA Java SDK

Develop once, deploy anywhere

Our Java SDK is the best choice when developing OPC UA clients, servers and systems handling complex data. The SDK takes care of the important OPC UA communication details and provides you an easy to use API for your own application design, which lets you focus on what's important to your application.

Prosys OPC UA Historian

Collect and store data from multiple OPC UA servers into one central location

Connect Historian to any OPC UA compatible device or automation system and start collecting the information that is relevant to you. Historian can collect both value and event data. This data is then stored into an SQL database. Once Historian has started collecting data, it can be accessed with any OPC UA compatible client application or via standard database connection. This includes ERP, MES and BI systems, or any other enterprise applications.

Professional Services


If you are new to OPC or OPC UA, our QuickStart service helps you to understand the technology and begin your development or integration work.

Training & Workshops

Prosys offers both standard and customized training performed both in our own office and on-site.

Design & Development

Prosys designs and develops OPC servers, clients and applications for device, machine and system suppliers and also for production enterprises in various industries.

Consulting & Life Cycle Services

Prosys provides consulting services for all life cycle phases, from product innovation and feasibility studies to maintenance and support.

Customer Cases

WeiHai CIMSTech

OPC UA Applied in Standardized Smart Grid

WeiHai CIMSTech Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of power system automation, technology standards research, software development and system solutions. CIMSTech’s technical team is dedicated to the research and promotion of IEC 61970, IEC 61968, IEC 61850 and IEC 62541 etc. international standards. The company takes a leading position in China by offering solutions to electric power systems and enterprise modeling, standard interface, power dispatch center and enterprise-level data platform, and enterprise architecture management. CIMSTech chose Prosys OPC UA Java SDK to develop a new OPC UA based interface for their Power Public Information Management Platform.

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Whether you need help getting started with your first OPC project or consulting on existing projects, we can help you.