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OPC Day Finland 2023


Prosys OPC is delighted to announce the sponsorship of OPC Day Finland 2023. After detailed consideration this year the Live Event will be hosted on November 30, 2023 in Nokia Areena, Tampere.

The theme of the event is Interoperability for Wider Range of Applications.

Industry 4.0 and OPC UA experts from all over the world will share with you the valuable knowledge and new possibilities of the technology. The topics will also cover use cases and international collaboration that will help you to succeed in the world of smart manufacturing.

Invited speakers and topics at the event are:

  • Keynote: OPC UA Success Stories from the Industry
    Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
  • OPC UA Energy Harmonization
    Espen Krogh, TGS Prediktor
  • OPC UA Machinery Job Management
    Christopher Liehr, VDMA
  • OPC UA Field Level Communication and OPC UA Field Exchange
    Peter Lutz, OPC Foundation
  • OPC UA over MQTT Enhancements
    Matthias Damm, Unified Automation
  • Databricks Delta Live Tables + OPC UA Data
    Brightly Works
  • Connecting securely to Cloud without breaking the Air Gap
    Sami Hyytiäinen & Magnus Kullström, Advenica
  • Interconnectivity unleashed: companion specifications and industrial interoperability
    Otto Patolinna, Beckhoff
  • OPC UA Information Models as a Core of OT/IT Integration
    Pyry Grönholm, Prosys OPC
  • Using OPC UA PA-DIM for Field Devices
    Mika Karaila, Valmet
  • 4 success stories within 4 different energy generation domains HydroPower/Wind/Solar/Oil&Gas
    Espen Krogh, TGS Prediktor
  • Development environment of OPC UA FX
    Matthias Damm, Unified Automation
  • Rust programming language and OPC UA status
    Veli-Pekka Salo, Wapice

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OPC Day Finland 2023

For more information, please contact us by email at sales@prosysopc.com or phone at +358 9 420 9007.

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