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OPC Day 2021 - International


Prosys OPC will take part in the OPC Day 2021 - International digital event on June 08-10, 2021.

The event is hosted for 3 days. Each day consists of 2 hours of content + 1 hour Q&A. Each session is held twice in different time zones to serve America, Europe and Asia.

Topics include (to be updated):

  • Day 1: Keynotes Level (Target Group: Management, Product Managers & Architects)
    • OPC UA as Enabler for the Transformation from Automation Pyramid to Information Network by Stefan Hoppe, President OPC Foundation
    • Extending OPC UA to the field: OPC Field Level Communications Initiative by Peter Lutz, Director FLC Initiative OPC Foundation
    • Cooperation 5G-ACIA and OPC Foundation: Integration of 5G with Time-Sensitive Networking for Industrial Communication by Alexander Ziegler, Siemens
    • Industrial Cloud Federation: Leveraging data-driven services in industrial environments by unleashing the potential of open, unified standards by Dr. Christoph Legat, Hekuma
    • Companion Specification testing in the neutral LNI 4.0 testbed at RWU by Anja Simon, LNI and Prof. Dr. Markus Straub, University Ravensburg-Weingarten (RWU)
  • Day 2: Technology Update Level (Target group: Implementers, Developers, Product Managers, Program Managers)
    • Status, News and Roadmap from the OPC UA Core Team by Jim Luth, CTO OPC Foundation/Schneider Electric
    • OPC UA FX Specifications: Update and Roadmap by Georg Biehler, Siemens and Greg Majcher, Rockwell Automation
    • OPC UA in the Cloud – a practical guide to avoiding vendor lock.in by Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
    • The OPC UA Cloud Library: Vision, Team, Use-Cases and Status by Jonathan Wise, CESMII
    • OPC UA IIoT Starter Kit – Integrating OPC UA with MQTT by Randy Armstrong, Lead Security Architect OPC Foundation, Chief Architect Sparhawk Software
    • OPC UA Compliance & Conformance: Status and Update by Alexander Allmendinger, Lead OPC Lab Europe
  • Day 3: Adaption & Solutions (Target Group: End-Users)
    • Available solutions including OPC UA based information models: Weighing products from Mettler Toledo by Eugen Schibli, Mettler Toledo Vision products from Asentics by Dr. Horst Heinol-Heikkinen, Asentics
    • Success story (equinor): OPC UA’s role in becoming a digital energy company with data-driven operations by Joao Pedro Martins Pinheiro, Leader of IACS Gateway Competence Team, equinor
    • Sucess story BASF: Production data Integration @BASF by Jan De Caigny and Timo Himmelsbach, BASF
    • Success story Renault: How to structure and capture the industrial data with scalability by Thierry Daneau, Renault
    • Sucess story BMW: OPC UA at the BMW Group – Edge Computing and OPC UA as a success factor for future manufacturing by Dr Backhaus, BMW Group
    • Success story Miele by Christian Stickling, Miele

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For more information, please contact us by email at sales@prosysopc.com or by phone at +358 9 420 9007.

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Prosys OPC is a leading provider of professional OPC software and services with over 20 years of experience in the field. OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are communications standards used especially by industrial and high-tech companies.

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OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are industry standards that enable software to connect devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using same interface.

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