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OPC UA Interoperability Workshop, Europe - Session 1, Germany


Prosys OPC is participating at OPC Foundation’s Session 1 of OPC UA Interoperability Workshop on October 18-22, 2021. The workshop is held at Siemens AG. As an alternative, participants are also offerred to join the event virtually. Please note, the amount of seats for the workshop is limited.

This workshop is the first of two events in Europe for testing OPC products for interoperability and preparing them for the market. Vendors can test and debug their products against one another for interoperability, compliance and reliability. IOP workshops also provide an ideal opportunity to network with your peers, learn about OPC technology and interact with industry-leading experts.

Plan on debugging issues that occur and be prepared to modify your software components if required. Testing will be primarily for the successful operation between clients and servers; the test for failures will depend on the time available during sessions.

Session 1 focuses on the following topics: Pub-Sub UDP, Pack-ML, DI, AutoID, Reverse Connect.

The OPC Interoperability Workshops are open to OPC Foundation member companies and cost US $500 per person. Registration to event opens on September 1st, 2021. Please note, the amount of attendees is limited.

  • Available OPC Technology For Testing
    • OPC Unified Architecture (UA) – Windows, Linux, Embedded
  • Provided Infrastructure For Testing
    • Local Area Network consisting of a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable
    • Internet access
    • Web-based application providing Test suggestions and for recording test results
    • Global Discovery Server
  • What to prepare
    • Computer (laptops are preferred) containing your OPC product(s) for testing
    • Backup drives and/or restoration DVDs in the event your PC crashes
    • Any additional hardware/software needed to conduct your testing

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For more information, please contact us by email at sales@prosysopc.com or by phone at +358 9 420 9007.

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Prosys OPC is a leading provider of professional OPC software and services with over 20 years of experience in the field. OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are communications standards used especially by industrial and high-tech companies.

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What is OPC?

OPC and OPC UA (Unified Architecture) are industry standards that enable software to connect devices, machines and systems from different manufacturers using same interface.

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