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Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java 4.5.6 Released


We have released a new version of the Prosys OPC UA SDK for Java.

This release is a bug fix release that also contains performance and security fixes.

As a security fix, this release changes the defaults of Root/Objects/Server/ServerCapabilities/MaxXXXContinuationPoint from 0 (unlimited) to UnsignedShort.MAX_VALUE (65535). Using value of 0 could allow Clients to allocate infinite amount of continuation points resulting in a OutOfMemoryError. Earlier releases can mitigate this by changing the limit to a non-0 value (see release notes for how). Future SDK versions will investigate the option to use implementations that do not allocate any server-side memory.

In addition, the server side now handles Read service calls a lot faster under certain conditions. As long as no UaTypeIoListener(s) are attached to any TypeIoManagerListener(s) the UaNodes’ references are no longer checked for the HasTypeDefinition reference. This affects all UaNode-based NodeManagers.

The server side now handles IndexRanges for Read calls as specified in https://reference.opcfoundation.org/Core/docs/Part4/7.22/: “When reading a value and any of the lower bounds of the indexes is out of range the Server shall return a Bad_IndexRangeNoData. If any of the upper bounds of the indexes is out of range, the Server shall return partial results.”. Previously Bad_IndexRangeNoData was incorrectly returned if the end index was out of range.

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