Ease of use and reliability in operations.

Prosys OPC to Database [OPC2DB] is a Windows application used for logging data from OPC servers to databases. OPC2DB is designed for ease of use and reliability in operations.

OPC2DB is quick to install and simple to configure. Whether you need just an OPC database logger, or a basis of larger system such as reporting server, OPC2DB can fulfill your needs. OPC2DB can be used in both application and service mode in Windows operating systems.

Unlimited Connectivity

Prosys OPC to Database supports unlimited number of:

  • OPC connections
  • OPC items
  • Database connections
  • Database tables

Flexible Databases

OPC2DB supports three database table types:

  • Wide history table (timer-based)
  • Narrow history table (change-based)
  • Vector data history table (change-based)

OPC2DB can be run in Windows operating system, which has any Edition (Express, Workgroup, Standard, Enterprise) of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 installed, along with ADO database drivers.

If SQL Server 2005 is locally available, OPC2DB can also generate a local database for the logging. Otherwise the database must exist either locally or on a remote computer where it can be accessed.

Note: SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is a free version of SQL Server 2005. With SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express you can easily manage and browse your OPC databases.