Multiplatform stand-alone OPC UA server that lets you configure your own simulation signals.

Use Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server for testing OPC UA client applications and learning the technology. Simulation Server supports all the essential OPC UA features. Simulation Server is developed with Prosys OPC UA Java SDK, so it is truly cross-platform and available for Windows, Linux and OS X.


Configure Endpoints
Monitor Sessions
Customize User Access To Server
Manage Certificates
View Client Connection History
Verify Address Space
Configurable Simulation Signals
Data Changes
Data History
Event History
Supports OPC UA version 1.04 or earlier

Certified OPC UA Compliant by the OPC Foundation

Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server is certified by the OPC Foundation to be OPC UA 1.02 compliant. The OPC Foundation’s Certification and Compliance program exists to help members develop and provide high quality products that meet minimum operability requirements. OPC Certified products are:

  • Compliant with the OPC specifications
  • Interoperable with other OPC products from other vendors
  • Robust, reliable and able to recover from lost communications, etc.
  • Usable, by following universally accepted best-practices
  • Efficient in managing resources (CPU, memory, disk space etc.)